Magic Tube Light from China rivals the Ice Light From Westcott

Westcott is a company producing excellent studio equipment providing photographers with virtually unlimited lighting capabilities.

In the last several years Westcott introduced the Ice Light and now the Ice Light 2. These are very portable lighting tools for indoor and outdoor portrait shooting situations as well as macro, table top, food and other product photography  The Ice Light was developed by a professional photographer in conjunction with Westcott.

In reality similar configurations of the Ice Light have been used over the many years and while they were crude and not well balanced for day light or tungsten light they did provide light.  The lights were supplied by hardware stores.

How well does the Ice Light from Westcott work?

I love it.  It is one of the handiest light control devices I have ever used. The fact that it is portable, light weight, properly color corrected, mounts to lighting stands or can be used hand-held for perfect placement of light makes it a winner.

HOWEVER!!  The cost of this tube of light is between $400.00 US and $600.00 US.

If you find that you would want to use more than one then the investment becomes way beyond most advanced and professional photographers might want to spend.

Fortunately their are knockoffs (that I love even more) from China which are virtual clones of the Ice Light 2.

travor-mtl900ii-orange-e1409752051141They are under a whole variety of names and the one I am using is the Travor.  I great review of the Travor which seems to be the design of all the others is right here.  They are rechargeable within the light or an external charger is available for the Sony Battery.  The Ice Light 2 uses a Westcott special battery which is also expensive.

HERE IS THE BEST PART.  The price of these knock oftravor-mtl900ii-battery-e1409750158357fs is between $120.00 US and $150.00 US. 


After running my own color and output tests using a Macbeth Color Chart I found virtually no difference between the Ice Light 2 and several knock offs using the MTL-900 II lights.

SOURCE: Travor

“The MTL-900 II is the second generation of Travor’s LED light stick, which is ostensibly a clone of the Westcott Ice Light but claims to have “many new functions” and to be “more practical” than the American product.”

Source: Magic Tube Light from China wants to rival the Ice Light | Lighting Rumours

2 thoughts on “Magic Tube Light from China rivals the Ice Light From Westcott

    1. ELLIOT STERN Post author

      Hi Nick,
      I have not yet encountered any flickering but there again I do not shoot video. I have tested the Ice light, the Travor light and the Coolcam and had no flickering. There again I do not fire bursts so perhaps that is whey I have not encountered the problem. I am glad you posted that for folks who might be considering this type of lighting to use under the conditions you shoot at. I know I have read other reviews of the lights from videographers and the issue was never mentioned but being that you have had the issue I am sure it is there. Thanks again.



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