5 reasons we bring the Westcott Ice Light on every production. — Story & Heart Blog

I recently wrote an article about Led light wands, tubes or what ever you want to call them but I did want to clarify a point that is very important.  I am a brand person and prefer to buy brand name products as opposed to knock off products.  But I am also a retired person and like most retired people I live on a fixed income which means I have less disposable income now than I had when I had a full-time job.  So sometimes if the knock off is well made and performs like the original I shall go for the knock off.

The Westcott Ice Light 2 is a great product with exceptional potential for either still photo or video photographers and this attached link will take you to a video showing you imagesthat potential in a short info type commercial, but worth watching.

So whether you are going to buy this type of light for great portable work, it is your choice as to the original or the knock off.

In the attached video please be aware that this style of light will work whether it is the Westcott Ice Light 2 or the Ice Light 2 knockoff. 🙂

So here you go.  Learn something 🙂


Having the right light can make a world of difference. Even better is when that light is with you at all times. Today, we’d like to bring your attention to Ice Light 03an amazing light that your photographer friends have kept a secret that is perfect for filmmaking. And even better, we’re giving one away!

Source: 5 reasons we bring the Westcott Ice Light on every production. — Story & Heart Blog


Westcott is available at:  District Camera


Be sure to ask them about version 2 of the Ice Light.

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