Yongnuo YN360 ICE Light Review Ice Stick RGB 3200K-5500K LED Video Light – YouTube

My research goes on in regards to alternatives to the very expensive Westcott Ice Light 2.

Yongnuo is very well known for producing very inexpensive flash systems and wireless controls for all camera brands and has recently entered the LED wand category with a very neat product to compete with the Ice Light and it sells for around 62.00 us dollars.

As the video will show they have left behind the cylindrical design of all of the knock offs out there and have gone to a flat design which is actually very functional.  For warm room artificial light they have added a magnetic filter for doing the daylight conversion which is actually very clever.

And to be totally different it not only offers great LED lighting but also has full RGB control for changing the color of the lights over all.  An example of where that could be used would to change the background color where you are set up to shoot.

If you are really a techy you can control EVERY FUNCTION of the light including color control from your cell phone, remotely.fstoppers-yongnuo-led-wand2 fstoppers-yongnuo-led-wand3 fstoppers-yongnuo-led-wand5



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