Travel With A Mini Tripod –

FEISOL TT-15 Mark 2 Mini Carbon Fiber Tabletop Tripod

This is a work of carbon fiber art.  Feisol is known for very high quality, reasonably priced camera mounting products and this TT-15 certainly does not disappoint.  It can carry the heaviest load and is highly adjustable.  Add a small ball head and you have what I have to consider the perfect travel companion when the bigger tripods just won’t do for where you are or where you are going.

It is a lightweight and compact tripod capable of supporting up to 17.6 lb at a maximum height of 5.7″. Each of the tripod’s legs features three preset leg angles of 25, 50, & 75° for adjusting the tripod’s height and balance. When each leg is set to the widest angle the tripod is capable of reaching a minimum height of just 2.1″, suitable for low angle landscapes and macro photography.

The tripod is constructed from anodized aluminum to help prevent corrosion and carbon fiber legs to reduce overall weight. The aluminum base measures 1.2″ in diameter and features a 1/4″-20 & 3/8″-16 mounting thread. When fully collapsed the tripod is just 6.3″ in length and weighs just 6.4 oz, making it easy to carry. A carrying case is also included for additional protection during transport.  Found At:

Gorilla Pod

I own them and hate them.  I will never wrap legs around anything and adjusting to get it just right is a pain in the ass.  I know some of you like the product and that is okay because it is well made and can be functional but it is still a pain in the ass.


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