Walking Away From Adobe – June 1, 2016 “a date which will live in infamy”

“Yesterday, December 7, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy”

That was part of a quote from Franklyn D. Roosevelt right after the United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor.

Today may just mark another day that will also live in infamy.  I have totally abandoned both Photoshop & Lightroom CC.  Sadly over the past 6 months at least Adobe via their upgrades has managed to infest their software one bug after another.

In most cases there were fixes, but the last bug seemed to be one that was going to require a great deal of quiet time on my part when it came to printing my images.  My Canon Pixma pro 100 printer refused to print 4×6 paper through Adobe products, and on all other sizes the printed image was insanely cropped.

After 4 or 5 one way correspondence concerning the problem, to Adobe all of which went unanswered.  Finally they told me they had opened a case file but the next day they corresponded that the problem was solved and they were closing the case file.

I should mention that every other piece of image software on my computer had no cropped-dsf3744-copy-copy-copy.jpgproblem with the printer so it was not an Apple System problem. It was most certainly an Adobe problem.  That said I shall not dwell on this part of my article any longer.

Somehow because of Adobe’s great marketing and yes great products everyone I know finds themselves automatically getting on the Adobe train.  It is just the way it is.  No one asks why.  No one asks if there is an alternative.  It is just that way.

This is the best thing ever
This is the best thing ever


But there are But there are  But alternatives and over several years I have dabbled with Alien Skin, PhotoNinja, Iridient Developer, Affinity and all of them have done respectable jobs of helping to process my raw files no matter what camera I had been using.

Today I have jumped the Adobe ship and joined an ever-growing group who are using On1 software.  In the past I have only known them for plug-ins that worked in Adobe image processing software but I never really paid much attention until now

What do you mean you can't meet me
What do you mean you can’t meet me

to their stand alone On1 10.5 and 17173352981124040264soon to be On1 stand alone raw converter which seems to combine the best parts of Photoshop and Lightroom in one product aimed at guess who.  Photographers.

More than ample on line instruction is provided in both the written word and an abundance of how to videos.  I have found that On1 is pretty easy to master just by watching the many videos they provide.

One of the things I like the most is the fact that I can import just one (1) image to _DSF3766 copy work on or hundreds and hundreds.  There is no library.  The program uses either your Windows or Macintosh file structure and allows the user to upload to external drives, clouds, etc.  With the use of its extensive customized data input you can find your files most anywhere.  Fast, simple, easy, and works the way that most people would prefer to work.

I am not going to go on and on, because you can go on and on by going to their website, downloading a 60 (sixty) day trial.  If you buy the software now, you pay 109.00 US dollars and get a free upgrade to the Raw Stand Alone this Fall.   You have a 30 day refund guarantee if you do not like the software.  I have never heard of that before when it comes to software. How can guns crossed color_DSF3782 copy copy copyyou not give this a try?  Also there is no subscription. 🙂

One last point.  Nik software is totally integrated so that when you want to process in some of everyone’s favorite free plug ins, _DSF3763 copy copyit saves back directly to the On1 browser.

Give it a try.  Free yourself from the Adobe chains and see what that feels like.  I have found over the past few weeks of working with On1 that if I correspond with them, they usually answer in two or three hours.

6 thoughts on “Walking Away From Adobe – June 1, 2016 “a date which will live in infamy”

  1. I heard from a few others via social media ;
    You are onto something. I am also getting more frustrated with LR CC.

    You can walk away from Nikon. And you can walk away from Adobe.
    Joe Swick.///////
    Joseph Cruz 9:34am Jun 2
    I have been using On1 software for sometime now and I really like it. I find I can do most things I need in their software. Thanks for the feedback Elliot.
    Lash LaRue
    Lash LaRue 9:30am Jun 2
    I too have walked away.

  2. Hi Elliot,

    It will be interesting to see how their stand alone RAW software fares…

    I just migrated all my X-Trans demosaicing to SilkyPix… Occasionally the files need to go elswhere as tiffs, but only when I’ve not made a great job with the camera settings!

    I’ve never been a Adobe fan… Photoshop I never bothered to learn and LR leaves me a little cold.

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