The first Fuji interchangeable lens camera in the X series that I owned was the X pro 1, the predecessor to the brand new X Pro 1.  I added the Xe1 and then the XE2, two lower models that also had the rangefinder type form.  Then when the Fuji X-t1 which had a Dslr form factor came out, I jumped on it quickly and gave up the rangefinder style bodies I had.

Now with the arrival of the Fuji X Pro 2 I have journeyed back to the rangefinder design.  The X Pro 2 having both a LCD viewfinder and an optical viewfinder like the X pro 1 had is a unique camera design and that was something I had missed with the Fuji Xt1.


It’s a beautiful camera. Certainly the best flagship they have  produced and may well stay king of the Fuji hill for years to come. The Fuji XT2 is not far away from delivery and I have no doubt it will be an incredible camera with a lot to offer, but I am really happy to be back with a rangefinder design.   Do not misunderstand.  The reason Fuji has several different models is because people’s needs and desires are all different.  So if the Fuji Xt2 is on your bucket list then go for it.

There have been a lot of articles, reviews, fan boy posts, already published on-line either in writing and through YouTube, so I just want to share with you about my experiences with this camera body. 

To hold this weather proof solid as a rock body just screams at me to hold it and shoot it with the confidence that comes from something that has this kind of quality.  The ergonomics are outstanding.  You know the moment you put this in your hand that you are holding one of the finest image capture machines ever made.

texture stone multi round horizontal copyThe AF is fast, smooth and quiet and is incredibly accurate.  Choose the focus point you want with the joy stick and the focus rapidly moves to any one of the 270 focus points selected.  It allows for such creative control of the scene.  I tend to believe, but can not say for sure, but the firing rate of the camera coupled with the speed and accuracy of the Af system is capable of capturing pretty much anything.

The optical viewfinder is a dream and and is one of the reasons I wanted this camera.. With the option to use the EVF when needed it really is the best of both worlds and The EVF isn’t as big as the XT1, but the refresh rate of 85 frames per second most certainly makes up for that.  After a few days of use I stopped thinking about the size of the view finder and was just in heaven because of how fast it refreshed.  It seem to be as fast as my eye.  My wife has my Xt1 so I am able to see just how much faster the X Pro 2 is when viewing my subjects move through the frame.

imagesAll of the buttons and dials for the most part are just in the right place for making the shooting experience even better.  The AF button on the back of the camera some may consider in a bad place and for most of the people I know that would be true.  But fortunately I can switch that function to the AE button and vice versa for better and faster positioning.

However what it all boils down to is whether or not the image quality is better than the Xt1 and the answer is YES.  The new sensor and operating system in the camera is aiding in producing some gorgeous images.  The Xt1 was no slouch in this department either, but this new 24mp sensor is just allowing so much more detail and resolution.  Fuji color is a given.  Both cameras produce outstanding color in all of their simulations with minor differences because of the operating system and the sensors.  But I shall guarantee anyone that they won’t be disappointed.imgres

Finally there is still so much more that this flag ship brings to the table.  Dual SD slots, 8000 of a second with the mechanical shutter and up to 32000 of a second with the electronic shutter. And the new film simulation, Acros for some of the best black and white images you could ever hope for.

Just to be clear, neither I or my web site have any relationship with Fuji except for the fact that I use their products.  I have never received images-3anything from Fuji for my support of their products which I have never loaned from Fuji, been given by Fuji or by any Fuji representatives.  I buy what ever Fuji gear I have.  I own it.  I shoot it.  I just also happen to love it and want people to know how wonderful the gear actually is.

The best way to understand how great this gear is, you have to go to your local camera store.  Pick it up, fire it off, maybe even get some sample images on a card you can take to the store.  When you are all done evaluating the gear, make a decision and buy it from that camera store.

My local Virginia and Washington DC dealer is District Camera


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