Just One Quick Release For All Your Stuff – EDELKRONE – How It works

A Review

I have had an opportunity to work with some of Edelkrone’s products and of course did extensive research on their site and at the same time watch all of their excellent instructional videos.

They produce very ingenious products for primarily the video market but a lot of their genius can also be applied to the still market which is where I live and work.

One of those products is the Flextilt head, which I wrote about weeks ago.  This is the article

But today they have sent me on loaner of their own version of a camera quick release.  I was impressed when I watched the videos and now that I have it in hand for a few days i have to say that I may never have to invest in another arca swiss type plate again or for that matter an arca swiss type of head.  Now that does not mean you should not make that investment but for me, the simpler things can get the happier I am.

You ask, what does he mean by that?  What is he writing about?

The 1/4-20 screw found on almost every plate and this quick release take advantage of that fact by being able to attach itself (with your help) to all of those existing plates and in some cases tripod heads as well.  It takes up very little room as it can fit nicely in a camera bag or your pocket and be attached to the camera at the moment you decide you are going to want to use your tripod, monopod or any other device having the 1/4-20.

So no matter where you are and no matter what mounting system you use, Manfrotto, Arca Swiss, and many other mounting variations you can rest assured that this quick release will attach to virtually ever one of them.

images images-1 images-2 images-3 images-4



Take some time and watch the video in this article.  You may find that Edelkrone has the products for you.

The Edelkrone Quick Release – ALL ABOUT IT





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