Do You Wear a Camera?

Thorsten Overgaard

I like this.  Great read, good advice.   I love camera bags but I can tell you that I have so many choices that I never know which to take.  I want small, stealth, and comfort.

I have to agree that it is smarter to have your camera at the ready no matter what.  I keep my camera cross chest and hanging against my right hip.  I use a thin leather strap which stays out of my way.  I have two other lenses besides my 35mm 2.0 and they  are the 23mm 1.4 and the 56mm 1.2.  Not having a zoom is a personal choice for me, but lots of photographers really prefer the excellent zooms.  But for me that works.  The focal lengths boil down to in true lens speak, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm all round figures.  My best bag for the street is actually very small and virtually invisible.  It is a Peak Design Field Pouch.  I holds two lenses, 2 extra batteries, 2 extra memory cards and some lens cleaning packs.


Perhaps the biggest challenge I hear many of our readers talking about when it comes to their photography is that they struggle to find time to practice their photography. The real problem though is that so many of us don’t have our camera with us when the photographic opportunities present. Instead they sit at home […]

Source: Do You Wear a Camera?

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