The Fuji X pro 2 camera – Love it, however……from the keyboard of an addict

I admit it.  I am a Fuji x addict, but I am not a fan boy.  Addicts are those who just have to have a Fuji X camera in hand as often as they possibly can and argue constantly as to why Fuji is the only camera on earth, ever.  The same goes for Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc. fan boys.

This Fuji X pro 2 is without question an incredible camera and carries with the entire heritage of the Fuji X system.  By itself it stands as one of the best imaging devices developed to date by anyone and I am pretty sure that its smaller brother the XT2 will indeed do the same and perhaps go even further in its capabilities.

But this is about the things that have disappointed me with the X Pro 2.  They are not deal breakers in any way for me nor should they be for anyone reading this article.  The only purpose of this article is to point out things you will find out for yourself and so now you will be better prepared when you encounter them and say to yourself, I knew about that and it does not matter.

So here we go with just a few small details.

  • Battery life could be better with new power saving technology in the camera but it could be a lot worse.  I have never had great battery life in any of my Fuji cameras, but I had hoped this one would be better.  So I think on a normal shooting day, camera on most of the time, zoom lens, da, da, da I am getting about 300 to 350 shots.  I can live with that because for two bodies I have 10 batteries.  Never be without extra batteries.
  • Based on articles I have read the video features, (not the performance) lags behind in inputs and outputs that other competitive cameras have. I am not a video person in any sense of the word (1) so I have to assume that people who are video fans know what they are saying.  I am one of those folks who feels video should not be a major consideration when you are looking for an incredible stills camera.
  • There is an accessory hand grip, which Fuji has had for most of their models in the past.  This one is different.  The method of attaching the grip is no longer done with a hex screw and hex driver.  It is done with a coin slot screw which is not the best way of getting the grip really tight on the camera body.  If they had stayed with the hex design you would be virtually guaranteed that the hex screw would torque to the safest mounting.  But the coin slot method would be sort of okay but the also decided to embed the tripod thread into the coin slot screw.  That is where problems begin.  An example of a problem that I not only read about but experienced myself was with an accessory that screws into the tripod female thread.  In using the spiderholster, which secures  very firmly via the tripod thread,  I experienced  after several hours of shooting, that the grip loosened and  moving around because the spider attachment has caused the screw to become, you guessed it unscrewed.
  • In the case I read about on the web it not only loosened but detached from the camera itself leaving the camera on the ground and damaged.  Fuji’s response to this was it was the only way they could center the tripod screw with the lens.  That of course is bull crap.  The bottom of their grip is ARCA Swiss especially designed for mounting to the most popular ball heads in the world.  I really hate the grip.  I now have removed the grip from the camera and find that the camera is actually more comfortable without it.
  • If you are the kind of person that likes a fitted half case on your camera in order to preserve its beautiful finish forever then you do not want to buy the one provided by Fuji for 100 bucks. The Fuji brand, does allow access to the battery compartment, but nothing else.  In order to change cards, put the camera on a tripod, connect a microphone, cable release, etc. you MUST REMOVE THE CASE.
    While I am not a case kind of person, I only shopped around a little bit.   And I think I found the best bang for the buck.
  • Card slots.  So those who know me know I have pretty chunky hands and fingers that go right along with the hands.  What some don’t know is that do to spinal neck problems, my fingers also have trouble gripping small items with finger tips and the flat of the fingers does not always work out well.
    With that, owning the incredible x pro 2 with an out standing optical viewfinder, which now has dual slots for SD memory cards, I have encountered very difficult removal of the cards in the dual slots.So I have had two separate shoots, where my main card in the number one slot which is supposed to get the images comes out of the camera one slot and into the card reader AND THERE ARE NO  IMAGES.  My face goes blank.  My heart, I think, stops for a moment.  And then I am okay.  I calm down.  I go to the second card and put IT in the card reader and lo and behold all of 300 images are there.  Hmmmm!So after bitching for 15 minutes, Ramona my wife could listen to no more and took the camera out of the bag and began to investigate the menu’s and she did find a solution.  However I had found that solution before the first time and here it was back into putting images on card two and not card one. AHHHHHHHHH!  I realize that this may be just me somehow being STUPID and I hope that is just it.  Through all of this Ramona pointed out that in my LCD it tells me which card is my main card.  If that changes by itself then I shall see it do that.  I’ll vote on this one for being stupid, but beware how you move through your menus.
  • ISO DIALI wrote my solution to the ISO DIAL that I do not like.  You can find that here.

If you read this and you have gotten to the bottom, know that I am not looking for a heated discussion.  These are just a few of the things that struck me and there is nothing here to argue about or get defensive about.

I love the X Pro 2 as I have loved all of the Fuji X cameras and lenses I have owned and I have no doubt I will love everything else they come out with.  Did I hear someone say Medium Format 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Fuji X pro 2 camera – Love it, however……from the keyboard of an addict

    1. ELLIOT STERN Post author

      Hi Georgette, I am sure Rico’s excellent book on the X pro 2 is pretty close. The X pro 2 is a delight to use, and the whistles and bells will come together for you. The XT2 is not far behind the camera and should be out this month with a lot of enhancements. i have no doubt that it too will be superb. As for the X Pro 2, it took a few days of working with it but everything did ultimately fall into place. It really is pretty simple to use. Thanks for your comments. If you hear anything about his book please let me know and I shall publish on my site for Fuji X pro 2 users.



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