Review: Cosyspeed Camslinger 160 for Mirrorless Camera folks… by There are always reviews-by Mr. Richard Walker

There are always new reviews.  Unfortunately a lot of reviewers with product in hand very rarely take that product they are reviewing and use it under their personal shooting experiences.  For the most part they look at the bullet points provided by the manufacturer to write their story.  I have real issues when it comes to that type of review.  So enter stage left, maybe stage right and here comes the reviewer that actually has gone to the trouble of experiencing the product first hand by,  and here it comes folks, using it.  I like that and applaud such a person for applying their life knowledge bank, as to how does the product really work and what benefits does one get.

So please read on, and watch video as well as reading the written word.



“This week we have another review. It’s comes in the form of a complete portable carry system for all types of photographers.”

Source: Review: Cosyspeed Camslinger 160

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