Images – What makes an image great? What is your roll in making that happen

A lot of people doing photography seem to be under the impression that without high-tech camera gear there is no way they can get the images they are getting.  That impression has always troubled me because all those people truly think that it is the camera equipment and not them that created great images.

Long before digital cameras and mega metering systems and high megapixel sensors, there were just manual cameras and lenses and film and yet outstanding images were created because the photographers were in total control.  They selected the film to shoot.  They selected the creative apertures and shutter speeds to give the image the look they wanted it to have.

In reality nothing has changed when it comes to the creative control available to you.  You can still be in control and should be.  So many have picked up on the hobby or profession of photography and have been led to believe through marketing that it is the cameras’ and lenses’ automation that frees you from the decision-making process when it comes to exposure leaving you more time compose the “perfect” look.

Sadly people really believe that. They feel that the camera makes the important decisions but nothing could be further from the truth.

It is you as the photographer who ultimately has to decide about depth of field, the proper shutter speeds, the differences that exposure compensation can make as well as the composition and sometimes there is only a split second to do that.

There is no doubt that automation can work to facilitate the capture, but it is you who has the ultimate responsibility.  In truth it is your responsibility to understand the basics of photography.  The triangle is real and ultimately your understanding of the exposure triangle will make you a better photographer.  Do not rely on the camera and lens to understand the basics for you.  What is the triangle?  APERTURE – EXPOSURE – ISO.  That is pretty simple.  If you do not understand it find a workshop, a class, a person who you respect enough that they will give you the right education.  District Camera here in the Northern VA area gives classes that are concise and to the point and highly educational and cost very little.

Recently I have been going through old image files dating back to the very first Digital Slr cameras I used.  Nikon D100, Nikon D70, D1, D2, Pentax K20, Olympus, Panasonic, and now Fuji X.

I decided to play with images from all the different cameras in Lightroom CC and even though some were produced with low technology and low dynamic range and low sensor resolution they all came out great in post processing.  Advances in software is most certainly helpful in getting the best out of images that were shot correctly in the first place.

For basic photography classes get hold of District Camera in the Washington DC area or find assistance in your local area.  They also give a beginners class for Lightroom.

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