I always had a tripod with me – why that does not always work

I have written and also re-blogged a lot of articles screaming out the virtues of having a tripod with you.  I have always felt that tripods were the best image stabilization devices bar none.

But as much as I love my tripods and I do own too many of them, there are simply times that they are a royal pain the ass.

They become extra pieces of gear to carry around adding weight and bulk in addition to everything else your carrying with you.

That does not mean that my opinions as to the value of a tripod have changed.  It means that as I continue down the road of being a minimalist with my camera gear there also comes the realization has to how much a tripod can get in the way of some very creative compositions as the capturing of  very decisive moments. Moments that will never occur the same way again.

Technology has come a long way.  It used to be that even the slightest elevation in Iso speeds would create issues with digital noise that was detrimental to our images.  Today  has changed. Advances in sensor technology and noise reduction algorithms in camera as well as in desktop software has made a world of difference.  We are no longer locked into low iso in order to get quality images.  We are no longer forced to use slow shutter speeds because of low iso.  We now have much greater control over the exposure triangle and the final crisp results we deserve.  And in many cases where a tripod was necessary because of shutter speed limitations, that equation is now off the table.

While I am a staunch advocate as to the benefits of tripods perhaps it is time for all of us to at least embrace the higher Iso capability of our modern cameras.  Maybe depending on what you will be shooting, you can leave the tripod behind for a day.

Don’t be afraid to experiment because in the end it will not only lighten the load but more than likely increase you spontaneous creativity.


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