“vests” re blog

I blogged this a couple of months ago.  I am blogging it again and you can read it by clicking on the link below, but I thought that with the weather being as hot as it is and as humid as it has been that some one out there just might decide that wearing a tropical photographers vest is not as bad a having a pen holder in your shirt pocket.

As a matter of fact get over it.  As geeky as it may look, practicality top geeky look.  Just imagine having a couple of lenses in the vest pocket as well as your cell phone, wallet, small extra camera, maybe your ipad, all supported equally by your shoulders.  Not one shoulder, not across your chest which get in the way of a camera strap, but supported by both shoulders.

Now of course I have always been a vest person so for me to put one on does not cause any personality disruption.  It may take you a few moments to get used to it and than you suddenly realize how comfortable you are.

Right now there is nothing like the Big Pockets vest.  It is designed for photographers and birders and it is made for hot summer days.images  You will not be a geek although you may be mistaken for some one who is on a real fishing expedition.


I Love Photography, and hope I keep making images long after I leave this plane of existence

Source: Search Results for “vests” – Elliot Paul Stern-Photographer -Educator-Blogger

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