Insulin Costs – Why are they Rising? – …from the E&M Blogosphere

Some may think this is a strange place for an article about diabetes meds, but believe it or not it is the right place because diabetes effects all ages, genders, races, etc.  The cost of this drug can wipe out any plans you might have had for enjoying your life.

This article searches for answers which should have been searched for years especially by the American Diabetes Association and AARP who have done nothing to bring down the costs of this important life-giving, life saving drug.

Of great concern is not the person with enough income to cover the high costs of staying alive, it is more about people who do not make a lot of money and about older generations that are on limited fixed incomes.

Insulin is not that expensive in countries in Europe and our neighbor Canada and yet in the United States EVEN UNDER THE BULL CRAP OBAMAimages-2 CARE, the cost is quadruple or more for the same insulin drug.  I am talking several hundred dollars a month and usually higher than that. Why is that?  Who is our government sleeping with.  If you qualify for an insulin pump by Medtronics which is applauded by Medicare and United Health care your insulin is covered.  Otherwise people who need this drug are simply being told to go off and die.


Now of course I am referring to those people in need who are also diet conscious and take care of themselves the right way but still can not get control.

I have written to Medicare, AARP, American Diabetes Association., United Health care and have had zero responses.  Maybe you will have better successes.

Insulin is a mainstay of therapy for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It has been around since 1921 when Banting and Best discovered it. Over the years we have gotten away from animal sources, modi…

Source: Insulin Costs – Why are they Rising? – …from the E&M Blogosphere

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