Heavy Cream: In Search of Bokeh with the Fujinon XF 18-55 f/2.8-4 OIS | Mark Schueler

While taking inventory of a bunch of photo gear including my Fuji stuff I realized that I had not used the 18-55 zoom in quite some time even though it is an all around to have with me because it covers my favorite focal lengths.

Then I realized that beyond the normal reviews that came out early on for this lens, I have not read anything on any of the new Fuji sites about the photographers using the lens. Sites like FujiPassion andFujiLove which are both excellent for Fuji shooters.

I have been mainly a prime shooter because of the size and speed 1.4, 1.2.  I only shoot available light so the primes get me images in some pretty unfavorable lighting conditions.  That said, I have found myself missing the versatility of a zoom like the Fuji 18-55.  It is stabilized, fast focusing, sharp as a tack edge to edge and for a zoom that gives me fstops of 2.8 to 4, it provides some very comfy looking backgrounds when wanted.

I did a google search which was “why aren’t Fuji Photographers talking about their successes with the 18-55 and the article below, really spells it out nicely as to why the writer loves the 18-55 along with his primes.  The article is a bit dated because he talks about Fuji announcing a 56m 1.2 R lens which actually came out some time ago.  Also a superb piece of glass.

Even if you are not a Fuji shooter his insight could be of great interest to you.


Somewhere along the line, I decided that the ideal everyday Fuji kit for me was either the X-E1 or X-E2, the Fujinon 18mm f/2 XF R, the Fujinon 35mm f/1.4 XF R,

Source: Heavy Cream: In Search of Bokeh with the Fujinon XF 18-55 f/2.8-4 OIS | Mark Schueler

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