GILKEY: “It’s not just reporting. It’s not just taking pictures. It’s – do those products, do the visuals, do the stories, do they change somebody’s mind enough to take action? So if we’re doing david-gilkey-npr-photographer-at-kandahar-airfield-afghanistan-on-may-29-2016.jpg_custom-df6a1657abfe49d01676acb71de8e2aca90e767d-s900-c85our part, you know, it gets people to do their part, hopefully.”

A person led me to the quote you see above made by David Gilkey.  Those words alone define the man.  He was killed in Afghanistan while doing everything in his power to bring you and I the truth as it happened.

Photo Journalists like David Gilkey in my opinion represent sadly a short list of real professional news people who want to bring you the true story about everything in the world and put themselves in harms way or insert themselves into the stories they are bringing us, heart and soul about everything.

What had started this conversation was how the media today with organizations like CNN, FOX, and pretty much all of them no longer report the news, but attempt to create the news by putting their own biased spins in total disregard of the real facts of the story.  This is what our American media has become and they are a disgrace. 

Mr. Gilkey was a journalist and photo journalist for NPR where to the best of my knowledge the truth is told no matter what.

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