Canon EOS M10 Review: Now Shooting!

Nice to see Canon at least making an attempt to make a mirrorless camera but they are way behind the curve in this category.  But they are still ahead of Nikon. All in all this does not say much.

Based on the info in the article the camera is more than capable of giving the user great images but when we get down to the nitty gritty of it all it is no more than a point and shoot with a bigger sensor than a point and shoot and has some lens options.

With mirrorless technology at the highest levels of technology it amazes me that the two major camera manufacturers don’t want to get it.


Will Canon’s new EOS M10 succeed as an entry-level mirrorless camera in a crowded market? Read our Canon M10 review to find out!

Source: Canon EOS M10 Review: Now Shooting!

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