Once More Into The Breach – Or Should I Say The Camera Bag

“There is no perfect camera bag.”

But getting close to perfection is obtainable

We all know that, but that very simple fact does not stop us from continuing to search and purchase the next best thing for transporting our gear in a comfortable and easily accessible.

Each time I think I have arrived at the perfect solution I am once again face slapped and brought back to my senses.  I know there is no perfect bag but knowing that and excepting my fate has proven to unsuccessful over the years.  My wife will attest to that as she opens a storage closet in our home and bags come tumbling out like a mountain land slide.

So I am having lunch with one of my favorite people and as if from out of no where he puts this bag next to me and he knows that like the cat my curiosity was going to force me to grab that bag, open it up and examine it.  Believe it or not it was a bag that I had decided on about a year ago not to be tempted by.  I knew that the company that had designed and manufactured the bag also made products that I simply love and have been proven not only to be stylish for the photographer but even better they have proven to be highly functional.  He made me “an offer I could not refuse.”

The company that makes all these great products is Peak Design and the bag I am testing is the 15 inch version.  There is also a 13 inch version with the only difference being two inches.

Here is what I can get into this nice bag.

Fuji X Pro 2 with a 35mm 2.0 mounted

Fuji Xt1 with an 18-55 mounted

Fuji 56mm 1.2

Fuji 27mm 2.8 pancake lens

  • Samyang 85mm 1.4 Manual focusing lens (very sharp)
  • 62mm Polarizer, 43mm Polarizer, 62mm 6 stop and 4 stop ND’s, 62mm to 58mm adapter
  • 6 Batteries
  • Cleaning cloths and Cleaning Liquid
  • Cable release
  • 2 Peak Design Camera straps
  • 2 Peak Design wrist straps
  • 1 Peak Design quick release clip mounted to the side of the bag
  • and if I wanted there is way to  mount a small travel tripod like the Gitzo traveler.

That is quite a bit of gear.

The divider system is very unique and is the best I have ever seen in any camera bag.  It is the most adaptable and works for lenses up to 70-200mm and everything else smaller.  It’s ability to be adapted to the size of the gear is a wonderful design making it possible to arrange the bag to any gear no matter what the size is.  When used with primes or small zooms as an example the dividers can be folded in a unique manner so that a platform is formed and photo gear, jackets, field pouches can placed on the platform.  I actually stow my Fuji X pro 2 and the 35mm 2.0 right on the platform for fast access.

I could go on and on about the bags capability and adaptability but the video below will show a lot more than I can write about.

So I have had quite a few requests about where all of the Peak Design products can be purchased here locally in my Virginia USA region.

I get pretty much everything I need from http://www.districtphoto.com and they usually keep a full stock of the Peak Design products.

Okay!  What happens you say, when all you want to do is carry just a little bit of stuff for roaming the city streets or the mountain trails, or a day out with the family.

Simple.  Peak Design makes a field pouch.  This little bag is small on the outside but big on the inside.  It can be worn on a belt, hang from your shoulder or get stuffed in another bag.  I have two of them.  One bag holds a 56mm and or an 18-55 or 27mm pancake lens, two batteries and two extra memory cards and a Peak Design camera strap.  The other one if I decide to use it holds my wallet, keys, energy bar or two, and slides in on my pants belt.  Either one of these bags or both can fit on the platform of the Every Day Messenger Bag.

One more quick note.  For the bag that goes on my belt I also have a Peak Clip and if I really want to go out minimal, I hook up my camera with the 18-55 zoom and throw an extra battery in the bag.  I mean there is so many ways to make Peak Design products work for you.

Now having field tested these FIELD POUCHES, here are my notes which pretty much have failed terribly in the FIELD.  Read this link::::  






3 thoughts on “Once More Into The Breach – Or Should I Say The Camera Bag

  1. A friend of mine and student in the past wrote these comments about the bag. He actually had sent me an email but I think it is important that you get to see all opinions.

    I ordered the Peak Design early in the Kickstarter campaign because it looked like the perfect travel answer.

    I packed it for the first time on Thursday for my flight to Florida. (The one that got cancelled) 2 cameras, 3 lenses, MacBookAir and usual extras.

    What I didn’t like. It doesn’t have the sleeve where I can slide it over my Tumi 4 wheel carry on bag handle. I was able to fit the small carry handle over the roller bag. Very tight fit. The handle needs to be about 2 inches wider. I need to write and tell them.

    The bag is very stiff – will it get softer with use like flexible canvas?

    I don’t tend to carry bags like this over my shoulder during long airport walks.

    Bottom line. It felt awkward for flight carry-on travel. I need my Tumi to go in the overhead. And the camera bag under the seat in front of me. It’s a tight fit. When I fly First or Business Class – both bags go in the overhead.

    Final comment. I took the flight on Friday. Storm had passed and all is well here in Sarasota. It’s a perfect clear sky beach day. No evidence of damage where I live.

    On Friday I left the Messenger Bag home and put everything in my “Think Tank Urban Design 40″. 2 cameras, 3 lenses, flash, and my MacBookAir. The bag has a sleeve for carry on my Tumi carry on. It’s a neat package. Easy in the terminals. And it has a zipper to fully close it up.

    I will sell the Messenger. Do you know anyone who wants one?”


    1. Joe excellent review of the bag. How about copying the text and putting it under comments on the blog article.

      Everything you said is correct. It makes a terrible airport bag and how the could have not thought of that is beyond belief. It seems that everything they make is for in the field use. I know I would not order the backpacks and if I was a traveler like yourself not being able to stick on to a roll on is pretty bad.

      As you know I would never carry a fully loaded bag into the field, any field and if I could not put it on a roller at the airport it would not go with me at all.

      I use it for in the car storage of a whole system. So I have an 85mm 1.4, 8mm fisheye, Fuji Xt1, Fuji Xpro2, Lumix Lx100, 27mm pancake, 35mm 2.0, 56mm 1.2, a canon close up lens 77 mm with step down rings, Nisson flash i40, 8 batteries, cleaning stuff, polarizing filters and ND filters and more step down rings.

      I pull from that bag what I think I am going to need and put it in a smaller, much smaller bag. I usually bag the X pro 2, 27,35 and 56 and the close up canon lens. In Fall, soon, I’ll add the polarizer stuff. It actually makes a small package. Oh and the Lx100 slips into a coat pocket. What an incredible little camera.


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