The Peak Design Field Pouch has an issue.  If it were just my issue with the pouch I would not write about it but others have responded to my article through email that they too have the this issue.  At the same time a Google Meetup was held about the new lens pouches just announced and questions came up about the strength of the velcro.  So while I whole hearted support the great Peak Design products I cannot support this one until the problem is addressed and corrected.

In my recent article about the Peak Design Messenger bag I gave we a glowing right up as to how versatile a camera carry solution I think the bag is.  I have not changed my mind and feel that it is by far one of the most if not the most innovative camera bag.

I had also written about the Peak Design Field Pouch.  As a method of carry for small lenses and essential daily items that one might want to have with them I feel that the concept is terrific and it was through forward thinking that this little bag played so well with the concept of the messenger bag.  I still feel that the design and the purpose are excellent but there is a problem.

The problem is not in the concept but with the velcro that holds the flap of the bag down.  It does not do a great job of securing what is inside the bag because the velcro put quite simply is way too weak to be trusted.  I now have two of these bags.  One from when it was first introduced and one which is very new.  I wish I could say that the problem of the velcro that Peak Design is aware of had been addressed in later deliveries but it was not.

I am sad to say that my recommendation is to not purchase this particular Peak Design product because in the end you will not feel secure that the pouch will stay closed through normal everyday movement and that the contents of the bag will tumble to the ground or into the water.

I shall use the pouch to hold essential items  to hold batteries, wallet, sunglasses, lens cleaners, energy bar, and the like in once convenient package but I shall not wear it on my belt or carry it on my shoulder.  Because of its roll up ability it will fit nicely into the Every Day Messenger bag.  It will still serve has a great storage container but not a wearable one.


  1. I ordered the Peak Design early in the Kickstarter campaign because it looked like the perfect travel answer. I packed it for the first time on Thursday for my flight into the hurricane to Florida. (This flight that got cancelled) 2 cameras, 3 lenses, MacBookAir and usual extras.

    What I didn’t like. It doesn’t have the sleeve where I can slide it over my Tumi 4 wheel carry on bag handle. I was able to fit the small carry handle over the roller bag. Very tight fit. The handle needs to be about 2 inches wider.
    The bag is very stiff – will it get softer with use like flexible canvas?

    I don’t tend to carry bags like this over my shoulder during long airport walks.

    Bottom line. It felt awkward for flight carry-on travel. I need my Tumi to go in the overhead. And the camera bag under the seat in front of me. It’s a tight fit. When I fly First or Business Class – both bags go in the overhead.

    Final comment. I took another flight on Friday. Storm had passed and all is well here in Florida.

    On Friday I left the Messenger Bag home and put everything in my “Think Tank Urban Design 40”. 2 cameras, 3 lenses, flash, and my MacBookAir. The bag has a sleeve for carry on my Tumi carry on. It’s a neat package. Easy in the terminals. And it has a zipper to fully close it up.

    I will sell the Messenger.

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