Are the World’s Leading Photojournalists Are Ditching Their DSLRs to Shoot on Instagram

Article: Why the World’s Leading Photojournalists Are Ditching Their DSLRs to Shoot on Instagram –



The title can be misleading but this article was sent to me by an old friend who has been a photo journalist most of his adult life.  He did not comment on it.  He simply linked me to it through Facebook.  So I am not even sure what he thinks about the concept.

I can tell you for sure that I worked for a major camera company whose slogan was that THEY WERE THE PROFESSIONALS CHOICE.  I doubt that it was true then and I am sure it is not true today but who was I to question it.  Today professionals use many different ways of getting the images to the public as they should and the cell phone is just another means of doing that.  It does not mean the professional has abandoned “cameras” such as Dslr or Mirrorless.  It quite possibly means that they have added the cell phone camera to their list of carried gear.

Anything that produces an image is capable of recording the history of the world or simply your own personal life memories.  It does not matter what you are making images with it matters what you do with them.

Instagram is the new eye on the world and allows us to see from one end of the globe to another and as long as what we see is real and not altered which so much is, then the media is to be respected for what it produces and delivers.  The fact is that it can be delivered virtually instantaneously to virtually anywhere in our world and perhaps even outside our world.

However I do worry that photo journalism in the wrong hands, and has been proven over they years even in the so-called right hands has allowed for the alteration of images to change the context of the story in order to enhance the journalists place in their own personal history.

That said, phones have come a long way and like it or not the Dslr or mirrorless users have to accept the fact that phones are the camera that is always with you and stand a better chance of recording history as it happens or memories that might not be recorded if the phone was not in hand.  That does not take away from the fact that a Dslr or mirrorless camera in the right hands will still produce a better quality image for the purpose of fine art because by today’s technology standards both sensors and optics still out perform phone cameras.

But out performing is not always what we are looking for.  Once again, the convenience of a phone camera and it’s availability at a moments notice can easily trump performance when it comes to getting the image or not getting the image.

I guess my old school side of my brain tells me that if I have to be working at a distance I still want to have that great telephoto zoom large or small to reach out to where the subject is and where I may not be able to move towards.

Source: Why the World’s Leading Photojournalists Are Ditching Their DSLRs to Shoot on Instagram

  1. we can use all and accept all. each has it’s place at the appropriate time.


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