Canon EOS M5 Review: Preview from Image Resource…..

I have never been a Canon user.  In a prior life I sold against them in the market place but Canon in one way or another rose to the tech challenges of the photo industry and from time to time have been very innovative.  Needless to say I have not been silent about how Canon and Nikon HAVE BEEN SILENT in regards to the mirrorless camera industry which continues to grow in sales and technology while Dslr cameras  decline in sales.

Canon has finally jumped into the gaggle of mirrorless cameras.  I have said it before and I shall say it again, LATE TO THE PARTY.

But I give them credit for entering the market now with the M5 as an advanced consumer level mirrorless camera in time for the Photokina show in Germany.  Kudos to Canon who many people love for waking up to the reality that mirrorless is here to stay.

As I write this I have zero expectations that Nikon is going to do anything with mirrorless at Photokina.  Perhaps it is the best kept secret ever or perhaps they have just lost their mojo.

Is the EOS M5 the enthusiast mirrorless Canon fans have been waiting for? Read our Canon EOS M5 review to find out!

Source: Canon EOS M5 Review: Preview

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