Photokina – Germany – 2016 Product Announcements and Impressions Day one

Day one of Photokina

This article is going to mainly serve the purpose of linking you to those areas that I think are most important and interesting coming from this the largest international photography show in the world.


The new Sony A99 II

Sony continues to grow and / or improve their excellent line of Dslr cameras with the upgrade of the Sony A99 II camera.  Sony is strongly reaching for at least slot number 2 in the digital camera market place with hopes of unseating Nikon who currently holds that placement.  They could well be on their way to accomplishing that task.

The Canon Mirrorless M5 camera

It took long enough, maybe too long, but at least Canon has finally entered the market with a very acceptable offering the small mirrorless category.  It has been very frustrating that the two largest camera manufacturers to date have up till now failed to address this slowly growing group of consumers looking for smaller and lighter cameras and lenses.  One left to go and they are called Nikon.  Will they surprise everyone?  Probably not.

Fuji Announces a Medium Format camera for 2017

Fuji had made a decision some time back that they did not really intend to enter the full frame (35mm size) sensor business.  Their success with the APS-c  sized mirrorless cameras has proven they made the right decision as they in many opinions did not sacrifice quality in image because of the smaller sensor.

However the Medium format market is now Pentax, Hasselblad, and in 2017 Fuji.  The Fuji looks like it will be an exceptional product but at the predicted, rumored pricing the market will be extremely limited and it is thought that a camera and lens will be around $10000.00 out the door and of course you can own just one lens.  So I am willing to bet you will see a system at around 15000.00 bucks.  This is not a pro instrument and not for your everyday photographer who can easily get the quality they need from almost any Dslr or mirrorless in the market place today.  It may however give Pentax a boost because their medium format camera while expensive is no where over the top and has always proven to be of excellent build and image quality.

GoPro Hero5 and Karma.  Wow!

The GoPro Hero5 and Karma were announced officially at noon EST and I have been totally unable to get on to their web site.  Hello lots of interest in these new products.  I am excited.

More GoPro info

More Karma info


Nikon Action Cameras – The Only Announcement ????

Okay so I worked for these guys for 33 years.  Once again they are late to the party.  Action cameras have been in a decline in regards to sales for a couple of years now and something really new and innovative had to come together to give this type product a good kick in the ass.  Well check above. GoPro Hero5 and Karma.  GoPro has been in this business for quite some time and they have been new and innovative in many ways and while their market has dropped because of not very good Chinese knock offs (go figure) their research and development folks have come up with an incredible system.  Note my words here carefully.  SYSTEM.  The GoPro Hero5 is highly advanced and can now be coupled with Karma which a drone for everyone.  I have to feel that this is going to be another sad story for Nikon that will be added to other sad stories of late.

Olympus on a roll


New Miser Macro 30mm


New Em1 Mark II flashship

This new Em1 specs out in so many incredible ways.  Olympus has continued to keep its promise about ever more technology, better sensors, better lenses, better performance all around and still maintain the small light weight concepts that made their cameras and lenses so desirable.  Olympus has always been a company that stayed ahead of the curve and they certainly have held on to that reputation with all of their new offerings.  Kudos to Olympus for staying true to their beliefs and concepts.

Panasonic Introduces a lot of stuff and of great interest is the Lumix DMC – G85

Panasonic and their relationship with Leica has had a great many innovations and has stayed at the forefront of impressive technology on a continuous basis.  As the first company to market a micro four thirds camera it has continued to develop incredible products around that sensor size.

They are a part of the same consortium as Olympus and several other companies that develop products for that sensor size and not a year has gone by that the products which are all interchangeable with lenses and flashes have proven to be up to the challenge of growing their place in the market.

Opinion – My biggest disappointment of the first day of Photokina 2016

Nikon Inc. has as for as long as I can remember a great company with great products and they still are.  They have great folks working for them for the most part and then they have some who cannot market or develop relevant products in any way shape or form.  Those seem to be the ones who are currently in charge all over the world.

They have never been a company who liked or even wanted others telling them what to do and there have been times that has bit them in the ass.  Over the past few years there is no doubt in my mind that asses have the scars to show that.  The Dslr market is in decline.  The action camera market has been in a decline for several years.  The point and shoot market is gone.  It has been eaten alive by the Cell Phone companies.  No camera company tried to embrace it.  The mirrorless market is slowly growing while the Dslr market is not.

I am disappointed at Nikon’s refusal to make a APS-c or Full Frame mirrorless camera.  I mean take an old Nikon FM design and convert it over to a digital camera design and make it mirrorless.  Why not Nikon.  Or for that matter come out with something totally revolutionary and I do not mean action cameras I mean digital mirrorless, small, light weight and technically advanced.  Has some one in the Nikon tower forgotten that you once had a terrific Pronea camera with APS-c lenses?  Do you remember that you made the lenses?  Do you remember any of that.  You have had more than ample opportunity to build on the technology you already had, but you are the same stubborn asses I remember from years ago.

Instead you go after virtual reality market years after it was established by others and who, today announced new products that will kick you ass.

So yes I am disappointed.

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