5 Tips for Using a Kit Lens for Travel Photography

I usually do not re blog someones article when it totally rambles on being mostly off the topic in its title.  I read a lot of articles on the web concerning photography and most of them based on their title are about what the title indicated.  In this case and maybe it is just me, this writer seems to have lost his way, more or less indulging in his own world experiences which appeared at least to me, not to really cover the actual topic.

Because of that I posted a comment, leaning to the negative side because I felt he could have done better job explaining the 5 reasons he spoke about in his title for using a “kit zoom lens.”

My response was this:

I strive in my blog articles to make a point of traveling light. I traveled heavy most of my life always having way to much gear because of the normal fear of not having the right lens or a back up body just in case……

Some “kit” lenses have progressed to being top of the line optics depending upon the manufacturer and I cite Fuji as an example with their own 18-55 zoom lens.

In many cases especially in today’s economic conditions, it becomes a choice of having extra lenses vs putting food on the table or being able to make that trip you talk about. So the benefits of a “kit” zoom or zooms can make the difference. where one winds up financially.

That said, there are images to be captured anywhere and it was sort of off topic as I am still trying to see the 5 reasons to travel with the kit zoom. 1-It is all encompassing, 2-It is small and light 3-It provides a faster method of composition if you are not one to use your feet. 3-with today’s cameras and clean high iso it may not be relevant to always have a fast lens like a prime although I love my primes, 4-all you have to grab on the way out the door is the camera and lens instead of worrying about a load of gear that really won’t get used most of the time, 5-Not having to change lenses in a crappy, dusty, wet area is a plus all the time because a clean sensor is a happy sensor.

I am sure I can come up with more reasons, but that is your job because that is what your article is supposed to be about which it is not.


If you’re worried about getting a new lens before your next trip, read this for some tips on how to use your kits lens and save your money for your trip.

Source: 5 Tips for Using a Kit Lens for Travel Photography

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