Adam Bonn – A place to learn about your Fuji X system

If you are a Fuji X user as I am then you already know that you are using one of the finest systems in the market place.  I know a lot about my Fuji cameras and I do teach about them, but what I have learned over my almost 74 years is that there is always something new anyone can learn every day from others.  Adam is one of those people who loves photography and even more loves passing on his knowledge through his web site.

Adam’s site for Fuji users, and other folks who have a passion for photography is right here and it is something that you should take the time to look over and learn from

I wrote to Adam earlier today:

You should be proud of the information you are putting out there Adam.  I spend a lot of time learning even though I spent a good part of my life teaching photography.  Great and astute folks like yourself make photographers think. 

The person using a Fuji X pro 2 as an example is not just simply reading the thoughts you put on paper or screen, they are actually bringing their camera to the table and setting it up like you describe.  They may or may not leave it that way but you are putting them a step in the right direction in helping them understand how flexible their options are in setting up their cameras.  Your passion for the Fuji X system translates to knowledge beyond the books.  I own “tip” books and I have contacted the writer on a variety of things.  He always responds quickly but as you noted, vaguely.  To be honest his tips book is okay, but I pull more intelligent information from your site as opposed his “tips” books.

This is why I point as many Fuji users as possible to your site.

Keep up the good work.  Enjoy the fall and the earlier golden hours.


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