iPhone explodes and catches fire in a student’s back pocket

Interesting.  I was having trouble with an Iphone 5 and took it to my providers store because it was insured.  The problem was the phone seeming to not hold a charge.  It would shut down after 5 minutes of use and it felt unusually warm.

As I stood at the counter describing the problem to a store tech person, they plugged the phone in but could not get it to turn on.  After that they unplugged it and within seconds there was a popping sound, some blue smoke, and a melt down.

Lithium batteries have been an issue for a while now.  Camera manufacturers had their run of bad luck with them and now we are seeing phones having the same heating up and burning issues.

Keep an eye on all of your devices using these types of batteries just in case something seems to out side the realm of normal.



Batteries are the most dangerous component in a smartphone, and we were all reminded of that when Samsung had to issue an unprecedented global recall for its new Galaxy Note 7 flagship phablet. But while the Note 7 had a defect that made explosions far more common than they typically are in phones, this

Source: iPhone explodes and catches fire in a student’s back pocket

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