X-Pro2: NEW FIRMWARE First Look | Adam Bonn Photography

I was going to write about this brand new Firmware upgrade for the Fuji X pro 2, parts of the X pro 1 and a bunch of lenses but Adam Bonn did in incredible job as always in pointing users in the right direction for the downloads as well as giving excellent explanations as to what each enhancement does for you.

This is a very important upgrade to the lenses and noted cameras.

Before you do any firmware upgrades of anything MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CHARGED BATTERIES.   FULLY CHARGED BATTERIES.  I can not stress that enough and that is why I typed in caps.



Today (October 6th, 2016) Fujfilm released new firmware (FW – basically the camera Operating System) for the X-Pro 1 & 2 cameras, and also many of the XF (and some of the XC) lenses. Focu…

Source: X-Pro2: NEW FIRMWARE First Look | Adam Bonn Photography

  1. Sorry to say, I did not understand a word of it except that there are more focus points. I am clearly not smart enough to operate this camera. I will just stick with my Leica. Happy Shooting Elliot and stay inside during the hurricane. I think I will hunker down with the dogs and cookies until it passes. Yes I know it is 2,000 miles away, but so what?


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