Keep calm and carry on: tips for safely transporting spare camera batteries: Digital Photography Review

With all the concerns created by the Samsung 7 phone Lithium batteries catching fire, exploding, etc. we can have a tendency to forget that this was not the first instances of batteries heating up, and causing serious problems.

But the number of instances on a percentage basis are actually small compared to the level of panic the news media would have you believe.

I have used lithium batteries for so many years now and cannot remember ever having them explode or catch fire with one exception.  It was an iPhone 5.  Why it happene I am not sure.  But when you think of the number of phones made by Apple, millions of them, I cannot say for sure how many reports ever reared their ugly heads.

Never once have I had a camera battery create an issue and I have had hundreds of them.  I carry six batteries in my camera bag when I go out to shoot simply because if I have no battery power, I have no camera.

That said I also take the necessary steps any prudent person should take, (and no I am not always that prudent), and simply block off the contacts on the batteries with a non residue tape.  I use Gorilla Tape.  A roll will last me about one thousand years. 🙂  Thinktank as an example makes two and four battery protective holders so the contacts never touch.

But there will always be folks who treat batteries with a lack of respect and simply throw a pile of them in a camera bag.  One instance comes to mind when I worked for Nikon, and a wedding photographer used to keep his batteries in a front compartment in his bag.  They would bounce around on each other, make contact to contact CONTACT, and at one wedding he was shooting, his camera bag began to smoke and actually catch fire.  A respectable portion of his gear was destroyed along with the camera bag.  How many batteries was no so important.  What was important was how the batteries were stowed.  I have seen photographers take a zip lock with tons of AA batteries floating around on each other.  Even that can be an issue.

The link below gives some pretty sound advice on how to transport batteries, and especially on airlines but really pretty much anywhere.  One thing it did not talk about was how many folks throw their camera bags into their cars, and go off to have lunch or some other daily function.  I guess it is okay on a cold winters day but on a hot summers day in an closed environment like a vehicle the recommended heat levels for storing batteries is easily exceeded. Guess what can happen.

re camera batteries Published Oct 21, 2016 | Damien Demolder Tweet

Source: Keep calm and carry on: tips for safely transporting spare camera batteries: Digital Photography Review

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