Peak Design – Stay out of my political decisions

Voting is a right.  Not to vote is disgraceful even when there may not be a decent candidate.  But if you don’t vote and your candidate loses then that is on you because you did not even try.  So please go out and vote.

This past week I received an Email from a company I do business with by purchasing their products and supporting their KickStarter programs.  I do like and use their products and I think a lot about these young folks for putting together a successful company.

But they disappointed me with their email which went out to their consumer mailing list which did not talk about their products but about their political opinions and I take a personal offense that they are trying to sway my thinking no matter who my candidate is to fulfill their personal hopes and desires.

I wrote a piece on Adobe Spark and also including a full quote of what they wrote and the links they directed me to.

Here it is.

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