An In-Depth Look At The Future Of Digital Photography With Alex Tsepko Of Macphun

I guess I started using MacPhun software several years ago, first as plug ins for Lightroom which I no longer use and then as several stand alone separate applications for enhancing and sometimes fixing images.

They made an incredible jump to an application named Aurora HDR which gave folks like me an opportunity to do HDR images at any level from simple to extreme and allowed me to work with these images in a very simplified and creative way.

Their newest endeavor is Luminar which is a full stand alone our plug in raw processor which has been developed in such a way to make the processing of raw images a simple task for beginners to also being a tool for the most top tier of professional photographers.  Quite an accomplishment in one application.

The article below was published in Forbes magazine and it tells the story behind the company and the products they are creating.  Take the time to read it and like me I think you will find it eye opening.  The world no longer centers around Adobe.  That does not mean Adobe is not king of the hill in regards to numbers or even technology but when you can get software that does what Adobe does in a more modern package at a cost of $59.00, what have you got to lose.

To talk about the success of Macphun and the future of digital photography I’ve reached out to Alex Tsepko. He’s the Chief Operating Officer at Macphun, a complex photo editing software made simple and fast for Mac users.

Source: An In-Depth Look At The Future Of Digital Photography With Alex Tsepko Of Macphun

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