Is A Graphic Tablet Really Necessary For A Photographer To Have For Retouching? | Fstoppers

If you are a photographer, pro or not, you have to consider the fact that digital images in a program like Photoshop CC, Affinity, Luminar, Aurora all have an artistic side beyond simply adjusting Tone and color of an image, as well a cropping to get the feel of the image you want.

Programs noted above all have the ability to do sophisticated masking and make use of brushes and gradients to carefully manipulate different segments of an image.

So while you may not be at a point where you are going to use those features and a lot of folks are never going to be at that point then I would stick with a mouse or trackball or bad.

But if you think you are going to get into deeper image manipulation then a graphics tablet and pen is a good way to go.  But if you do that and want to be the best you can be, then give your mouse to a family member, close friend, not so close a friend who will not give it back for a week or so while you get used to how a graphics tablet and pen work.  If you get frustrated you will have no where else to go but to work with it.

This article mentions Wacom tablets and for the most part they are the go to devices for tablet work. They are also the most expensive and they provide the worst service I can remember in a long time.  There are alternatives, one of which is highly rated, very competitive, and from reviews very effective and easy to use.  I have no business or personal relationship with them and nothing to gain by recommending them.  So here it is.


Yes it is Chinese at least I think so.  Sounds like something I might order in 🙂  But all the reviews are pretty good and it is a lot less expensive than Wacom.  Let’s face it.  All the mice and computers come from China right now, anyway.

How important is it to have a graphic tablet and do I really need it? This is a question that I get asked quite often and wanted to elaborate on it. It may be that you’ve never tried one or perhaps you never got used to it and did not like the experience. Is that normal and how imperative is it that you get used to using one?

Source: Is A Graphic Tablet Really Necessary For A Photographer To Have For Retouching? | Fstoppers

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