Why I No Longer Convert RAW Files to DNG by Nasim Mansurov

This excellent read and opinion is important to those who use are are considering using the ADOBE PROPRIETY FORMAT “DNG”

DNG as far as I was concerned right from the start was another Adobe attempt to OWN THE MARKET which Adobe has done way too many times.

I am so thankful that I never got sucked in as some of my friends have because I no longer use Adobe software.  I use programs like Luminar, On1, etc. that do not even recognize the DNG format and while there are other software packages out there, most that I have seen that do allow the DNG format do not process it properly.

I found the supporters  incredibly gullible in their attempts to get everyone else to jump on board and I am talking about some pretty prominent photographers.

At any rate I think if you have considered, are considering or have made the jump into a dying format from Adobe, you will find this article a worthwhile read

For a number of years I have been recommending our readers to convert RAW files from their cameras to Adobe’s DNG format. In my DNG vs RAW article from 2010, I pointed out the reasons why using DNG over RAW made sense – it simplified file management, resulted in smaller files (when compressed or when […]

Source: Why I No Longer Convert RAW Files to DNG

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