Brand new -Camslinger Outdoor – The FASTEST Camera Bag in the World | Indiegogo

I have been using Cosyspeed products I guess since they first came top market.  I think most of the people who know me and follow my blog and Facebook pages understand that i am a minimalist when it comes to going out for day with camera gear.

For years I was a border line mental case when it came to my equipment and there was no chance in hell that I would not take everything I owned for a days outing.  I mean 40 some odd pounds of Nikon camera gear.  And in the end if I used 2 prime lenses for one body that was an indicator that I was doing something really wrong.  So I went to Tibet and spent 6 years with a monk contemplating the minimalist concept.  (Okay that is not true at all)

I recall a workshop that I gave in Annapolis Maryland.  It was one of my favorites because  it truly tested the metal.  The rules of the walk around workshop where you were allowed one camera and one focal length.  If you had a favorite prime then that was going to be your combination.  If you had a zoom you were forced to select the focal length you wanted to work with and then I gaffer taped the zoom ring so they could not change their mind.  At first it was painful for the students but it did not take long for almost all of them to get a comfort level and create some incredible images;  The least expensive zoom in the world is your legs.


I own some of the most expensive bags I have several Billingham bags, Ona Bags to name a few but in images-3 keeping with the premise of less gear, less pain and more fun the bag I go to most for out and about is the Camslinger Streetomatic Plus.  It holds my Fuji X Pro 2 with grip, 35mm 2.0 mounted, and 56mm 1.2 on the other side of the camera inside the bag.  Perfect.  It also holds my Iphone 6 plus in an outside pocket and in another outside pocket I have 4 batteries, some cleaning stuff.  Inside the bag there is a place for memory cards and batteries as well.  Depending where I am I can wear this bag across my chest, or around my waist resting on my right thigh  If you are a lefty the bag can be swing around for perfect access.

But as you can see by the link to Indiego the line of bags continues to evolve and now there is the Camslinger Outdoor.  A totally new design which will help protect your minimal amount of gear from rain, snow, dust and what ever else comes along.  Needless to say it is very comfortable and unassuming.

You can not go wrong by supporting this Indiego project which has already passed its goals by a large maxresdefault sony-a7ii-1amount.  Do not miss the opportunity to save your travel and walkabout life by learning to carry less and enjoy more.


CAMSLINGER Outdoor – Camera Bag for outdoor-active Photographers

Source: The FASTEST Camera Bag in the World | Indiegogo

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