Raw Processing – The big deal about raw is about the file itself.

I shoot raw.  zi shoot raw because it contains an incredible amount of information and gives me the latitude to make “adjustments.”

That means I have greatere control over the tone, shadows, highlights, sharpening and so much more.

Hopefully you have read the articles I recently published about software because each software whether it be Adobe ACR, Lightroom, Luminar, On1 Raw, Capture one, and my favorite Iridient, is going to render the image differently.  I can take a raw file from what ever camera it was shot with and do nothing to the image but simply drop it into the program.  I make zero adjustment.  Each piece of software popping up the image on my calibrated screen are going to have a different look.

The tone, the color, the sharpness will look different from program to program.

The other usually over looked truth is when you finally process the image to your liking in the Raw Converter of your choice and send the image to another window in your software, it is no longer a raw.  It is a processed file and it might save out as a Tiff file, PSD file (photoshop layered format, and perhaps if you are using MacPhun products or Affiity they have their own propritory formats which also save layers.  But in reality once you have made basic adjustment such as brightness, contrast, structure, alignment, cropping, etc, all pretty basic you are no longer in raw.  The raw file remains just like it came out of the camera.  Your semi finished rendition can go on to becoming a finished image either by adding presets, textures and more.



Why I have given up on dng


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