Picktorial for macOS (RAW photo editor) – Review | SKR Imaging

Sometimes a piece of software comes along that is just simple, powerful but easy to use so you can spend less time perfecting an image and more time being out and about capturing them.  Picktorial seems to be just that for Mac users.

When Apple in their infinite wisdom dumped their very good program called Aperture they left a lot of people in the Mac Software Abyss with everyone hoping they would change their minds.  Unfortunately Apple had decided to abandon the creative photograph artist in favor of iPhones.   (sorry I lost sight of this great Aperture Replacement Program)

Well Aperture users here is your answer. This program is not only more advanced than Aperture but it can also read Aperture libraries which means all of the images you had in those libraries are now readable and usable.

I have been playing with this $24.00 program, which by the way also works through Apple Photos as an extension, and it is so smooth and likeable with everything happening in one window.  But why read this when you can read this pretty comprehensive review.  The current version is 2.2 but a little mouse told me that there is a real heavy-duty upgrade coming very soon.  So download the trial or just buy it.  I mean come on, 24.00 us dollars.

In the ever-growing list of photography apps available on macOS, there are only few that can be worthy of remaining in a photographer’s toolkit. Among the fray is a relatively new software ca…

Source: Picktorial for macOS (RAW photo editor) – Review | SKR Imaging

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