Adobe raises Creative Cloud prices by up to 60% – News – Digital Arts

No Surprise


I am no fan of Adobe as a company.  I do not use their products even though their products are in most cases good.

I find it interesting that this price announcement takes place at they tell users of Lightroom 6 hard copy software will no longer be supported and that they must switch to the cloud.

I do know that with almost every release of a CC upgrade under subscription there have been bug issues.  Bug issues exist in all software but Adobe seems to have more than their share.

But many things have changed in the past couple of years.  There are some very new and very excellent software which I am listing below depending on the platform you use either Mac OS or Windows.

Serif Affinity / Windows and Mac

Serif Design

Luminar Raw Processor / Mac right now and windows coming

Picktorial Raw Processor/Mac

Iridient Developer / Mac and Windows coming

The price of Adobe Creative Cloud is going up on March 6, which the company is blaming on “fluctuations in currency exchange rates”. Here’s how that will affect you.

Source: Adobe raises Creative Cloud prices by up to 60% – News – Digital Arts

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