hendriximages.com – a tale of a new lens and black and white done right

a tale of a new lens and black and white done right

If you are a Fuji X user or have at any time contemplated being a Fuji X user then this article is about why you thought about it and if your were smart why you did it.




To achieve such JPEG images SOOC and still get sufficient “punch” in the shadows I apply following settings in my X-Pro2´s Q-menu (saved as preset): ACROS-R film simulation GRAIN effect OFF (ACROS has its own built-in ISO dependent analogue grain effect) -3 NR (noise reduction) DR auto (auto dynamic range) -1 H-TONE (highlights contrast) +3 S-TONE (shadows contrast for sufficient “punch”) +1 SHARP (sharpening)I´ve discovered that the sweet spot (detail rendering vs. micro-contrast vs. grain) for ACROS simulation is around 2000 ISO. To compensate the JPEG´s reduced highlights & shadows recovery latitude (vs. doing RAW development) I set the highlights tone to -1 (increased highlight tonal range) and my dynamic range to “Auto” (automatically adjusts dynamic range to the subject contrast), see example image below:

Source: hendriximages.com

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