Roesch Photography: Don’t Spend Too Much Time Post-Processing Your Photos

I was sitting at my computer today preparing a blog post called In The End……

It was going to be about my journeys with post processing images files, whether they be raw, jpeg or tiff.  Journeys have taken me to experiment with a great many software packages, all of which are good and most of which offering a heck of a lot more than anyone should ever have to be bothered with to get a good image that the photographer or anyone else would be proud to hang.

What I found on this journey was too much time is being spent by too many people on too many images in an attempt to seek the ever elusive beyond perfect picture.

I came across this article.  I think you should read it and in the end I hope you come to the realization that getting the shot right in the camera in the first place should be the priority and not how many tweaks you have to make to getting that shot to what is maybe perfection on the screen.  Shoot more process less.

I am guilty of spending way too much time on an image and yet when I first started in digital imaging and perhaps up to a year ago I prided myself on getting in and out of an image in less than five minutes and that image was as good and maybe even better than the ones I have recently spent a lot more time on.

As to what software you should use I can only say find one and just one that will do the things you need to do for basic down to earth adjustments and don’t get sucked in with all of the other variables it offers.


Source: Roesch Photography: Don’t Spend Too Much Time Post-Processing Your Photos

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