‘Before it’s too late’ – CNN.com



What will be left for our future generations?  If science says there is global warming and the Arctic is warming 2x faster than the earth overall then I fail to understand the naysayers sitting within our own government institutions including the POTUS and the anti science ignorant people he as appointed to hold important positions.  The holy rollers know more than the most brilliant scientists on the face of the earth.  GIVE ME A BREAK.

In a combination of naturally occurring things in nature as well as major human  contamination of our environment, I personally feel that all future generations of life on earth stand to have detrimental life altering events impact them.

Once again, photographers must be out there recording the changes that are happening, to back up our scientists, and to be at the forefront of preserving our shared planet from harm by making sure we prove that ignorant politicians, governments and industries as well as other right-wing fanatics are so very wrong.

A photographer visits the Arctic, which scientists say is warming more than twice as fast as the rest of the planet

Source: ‘Before it’s too late’ – CNN.com


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