D I S C L O S U R E -In case you needed to know

I have been writing and posting articles about a software product for the Mac which has been making a lot of old Apple Aperture users quite happy because it can directly read your old Aperture libraries.

But because I have been posting so much about this young, startup, brilliant company residing in Tel Aviv, Israel, I am concerned that I had a hidden agenda for supporting this company and their product.

So here it is folks.  I work with several different software products all of which are alternatives to Adobe products.  Picktorial, On1 Photo Raw and MacPhun Luminar.  They all have their sweet spots and they all have had one time or another, bugs.  Picktorial is the one company that has been highly responsive to the needs of photographers and has continued to refine the product on a constant basis.  Other companies are polite, but slow to fix things and worse cannot admit to user issues.  The shining star has been Pictorial.

So why have I published so many articles, mine and others about Pictorial?

First off I love young, start-up companies who come to market with a product that works and continues to get better and better.  When it comes to software I like a product that does not get in my way and simply produces the results I expect in a simple and easy to use manner.  I also appreciate the fact that I am able to give these young folks input and have them listen and do their utmost best to implement serious functions and their version 3.0 is proof enough.

I do not have a financial relationship with Pictorial or the founders of Pictorial.  I have paid for my software, I use the software and love the software.  I am not obligated in any way, shape or form to the company and they are not obligated to me.  If I found that the their product was not one that performs then I would not be writing about it or posting other bloggers opinions.

That’s it. 🙂  Try their software.  Click here

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