We’ve Updated Our Canon EOS M5 Review: New High ISO Rating After Lightroom messed it up and Capture One Proved Once Again How Much  Better It Is….see addendum

See Addendum at the end of this article



By now a lot of you think I am just cranky about Lightroom cc but really I am not.  I have the time to test different software and that gives me an opportunity to see exactly the same raw file renders as it comes stock-vector-cartoon-of-an-angry-computer-user-about-to-destroy-his-computer-with-a-baseball-bat-166876493into that software.  It used to be that the only game in town was Adobe and let’s face it they make a pretty complete set of products.  But what happens when a camera is rolled out and tested and the images thrown into Lightroom because that is what the tester has on his or her machine.  Well lately Lightroom has a tendency to make images look like poop.  So not only does Adobe poop on you by raising the CC prices but it also poops on your images when compared to other software out there that can do the same thing without the poop.  Did that go to far?

Here is a follow-up article about the really sweet Canon M5 mirrorless camera.  It is a follow-up because the first article really made a case of the fact that the Canon M5 sucked at high Iso.

When I read that article I was shocked because I had looked at images on a computer at a show I was at and the high Iso shots looked really great.  I mean clean, clear, sharp with properly rendered colors.

Well thank the lord that the writer of the first article upgraded Camera One software in the last couple of days and the upgrade said that the Canon M5 was added.

imagesNow I’ll let you read the article and if you think i am cranky about Lightroom cc then you will realize that I am not alone at being cranky about Lightroom and yes Photoshop as well.

Great article and a good video at the end and the first article has a link.

Also if I was in the market for a new mirrorless, which I am not, the Canon would be on my “””A””” list.  Small, comfortable, controls in all the right places, great viewfinder and LCD, and super images.  And if I owned a Canon, there is an adapter to get full function out of your lenses.  Go for it.

ADDENDUM:  I certainly stand by my comments to the lead in to the Canon link below, but I think it is important that all my readers are aware of the fact that Capture One 10 is a great program, you do have other choices in great and more modern software products.

They are:

The Canon EOS M5 doesn’t have as terrible high ISO output as we initially thought. They can thank Capture One Pro 10 for that.

Source: We’ve Updated Our Canon EOS M5 Review: New High ISO Rating

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