Photo Pod is a Personal Tent That Keeps Photographers Dry and Warm

The other day I read an article about the Nubrella which is serves as a hands free umbrella that looks like the top of a baby carriage mounted to your body like a backpack adding 3 more pounds to your already overload of gear.  Geeeesh!  Give me a break.

But on the very next day the article linked below appeared.  For the photographer who loves landscape, wildlife or perhaps likes shooting races of all kinds even though there might be inclement weather then this could be the ideal solution.  It certainly better than wearing a baby carriage on your shoulders.

The nice part about this 6 foot tall tent is that it folds up into a bag that a photographic reflector folds up into.  Not bad.  I can just see my self sitting at the top of a beautiful mountain over looking a even more beautiful valley with mist coming up from the greenery caused by the light rain and being totally protected in a comfortable enclosure designed for photographers.  Oh yeahhhhh!


Need something more than a wearable umbrella for your outdoor photography in bad weather? Check out the Photo Pod. It’s a tiny personal tent for photograph

Source: Photo Pod is a Personal Tent That Keeps Photographers Dry and Warm

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