Picktorial 3.0 review: A fresh approach to photo editing and management | Macworld-I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU!!!!!!



Listen up!  I have been writing about this incredible piece of software for several months now and there have been some terrific reviews.  Macworld magazine which I consider a Mac users monthly bible has just written an outstanding review of this very inexpensive, super high level raw processing software for everyone and anyone using a Mac, no matter camera system you shoot with.

And if your just happen to shoot with the Fuji X system then you know that programs like Adobe Lightroom as well as others have just not been capable of getting out of the incredible  Fuji X raw files the detail that Fuji is capable of producing.

Go to the Pictorial web site and download the trial.  Even better at around 40 smackers, just buy it.  You just have no idea how bad your current software is until you process an image with Picktorial.




Bottom line

Picktorial’s adjustment and retouching tools cover nearly every situation for most photographers, and the non-destructive, non-library approach to working with files makes it a flexible option for editing images across multiple Macs and in the Photos app with iterative changes.

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Full-featured toolkit with non-destructive editing for pro photographers.

Source: Picktorial 3.0 review: A fresh approach to photo editing and management | Macworld

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