Google will no longer develop Nik Collection: Digital Photography Review


Google will no longer develop Nik Collection

For those of us who made the very early investments in Nik Software and paid about 600.00 for it should not be surprised.  When the assholes at Google first bought the Nik technology it was pretty obvious that all they really wanted was “Snapseed” which was a image editing app for Ios and Android.

For me at least and I am sure a great many other users there was no doubt that the future of Nik’s incredible software was doomed.

Like other tech companies that are out there, the purchase of a company like Nik is to get the rights to their software because it competes with their own products.  So buy the company, suck it dry and then dump it.

And here we are.  If you have it then get the most you can out of it before it no longer works on our favorite platforms and hope that other companies come along to fill the gap.  But I doubt we shall see another product with control point technology which made localized image editing so easy for those of us who are not Photoshop gurus.

While this was anticipated from Google, I have to admit that they kind of took their time in ending it.  So kudos for the extended time Google offered and fuck Google for sticking it to the all of us who loved the product.


According to its website, Google will stop providing updates for its Nik Collection suite of plug-in photo editing tools. Read more

Source: Google will no longer develop Nik Collection: Digital Photography Review

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