Adam Bonn: A Love Affair with Fujifilm

Being a Fuji X photographer, I find myself drawn to other’s who have the same passion as I do for the Fuji X pro series.

Adam Bonn is one of those photographers that I have been following for a couple of years and have found his blog which is about photography and primarily his experiences with the Fuji X Pro camera models inspiring and educational and quite honest.  I say honest because sometimes getting an honest appraisal from a fan boy, which Adam is not, is hard to do.

Adam truly gets down to brass tacks and his likes as well as his dislikes are evident in all of his articles.  As a person who had worked for a major camera company for over 30 years and who kept on honest perspective of the gear I represented, I can appreciate Adam’s Blog.  His blog is a deep breath of fresh air.  He can get technical at times but for the most part he is pretty down to earth. 🙂

And by the way, you can find Adams full blog here – Adam Bonn

and his images here

Twitter and Instagram.






Source: Adam Bonn: A Love Affair with Fujifilm

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