Me and My Canon Selphy 1200 Printer – And How It And I Got Together To Create A Memorable Relationship

Me and My Canon Selphy 1200 Printer – And How It And I Got Together To Create A Memorable Relationship

As some of you know I have written several articles (some say too many) about how important it is to make prints of some of the wonderful images you have been fortunate to have captured that in some ways represent your own personal life.  I am not just talking about pictures of friends and family.  I am also thinking about the places you have been and the things you have done for which you created some kind of photographic record.

It seems like it was a very long time ago that I began making prints from digital images.  Sure I had a darkroom where I developed films and then printed from the negatives, but that was different.  it was different because the record was either a negative piece of film that really did not say a lot and of course there were transparencies (slides) which had to be projected to be seen or held up to a light source.  But digital images opened up a whole new say of seeing our images, our memories.  We could see them on our computer screens and because images are ones and zeros can store a lot of them on our computers, our phones, and other devices.  The problem is for most people, they will probably see them two or three times and then they will be forgotten,  A picture, a memory on some form of paper that can be looked at, touched, hung on walls, stored in albums, walked past as the picture sits on a table or hangs on a wall will be there to bring back happy times, people, memories.

When I began to print digital images I was working for Nikon. Because Nikon as well as other companies had brought to market “affordable” digital single lens and point and shoot cameras did not mean that consumer photo labs were ready to print them.  They were not.  So Nikon gave all the reps Epson printers to demo at camera stores and at lectures to show how easy it was to print your own photographs right at home.  We were printing 8×10 prints (8.5×11) in store and helped to create a huge market for Epson and Canon printers.  Later on I bought large format printers (13×19, 17×20, 16×20 etc) and was able to bring my handy work to camera stores to show just how large and just how high resolution large format prints could be and you could do it at home.

Now let’s jump ahead.  Like so many other folks out there in this day and age you can get digital images printed almost anywhere.  You can get really big  prints from many labs.  I have been known to go to great camera stores like District Camera in my neighborhood and load images into a kiosk and get back incredible prints, inexpensive prints of a whole days shooting.

But there are days when I do not want to make that trip to the store, especially if I only have two or three images I want to print.  I no longer care about large prints because let”s face it, there is only so much wall space and really all I want to do is have a picture of something that had meaning to me at the time I shot it.

Enter stage left or stage right is the Canon Selphy printer.  It is small, wireless but can be usb connected, prints 4×5 prints with great color and sharpness.   You can also get a battery for it if you want to be totally portable.  It can print from your phone, your computer and virtually through any software.  What I like the most is how handy it is and how fast I can set it up.  The prints are more expensive than those you’ll get from a local lab but for the immediacy it is worth the few extra pennies.

This printer gives me the opportunity to print images that I can put hands on so easily, hang on walls, put them in albums and preserve important memories.  I am over joyed at how good the color is and how fast I can get a print.

Stop dumping everything into the digital world where you upload and then forget the good times of your life because you never really go back to access them.  Nothing replaces the esthetic value of a print on paper.

Make your memories something that you can not on look back on but something you can also share with others without searching the digital universe to find them.


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