Reporter’s notebook: Visiting the disappearing Tangier Island, VA –

This is sad.  The video from Cnn reports a very serious issue that didn’t just happen.  Those of us who have visited this wonderful place have been aware of the problem for a long time and have watched the island “disappear” over the years.  The same holds true for Smith Island which is a nice boat ride away and is known for the best crab cakes in the region.

I was first introduced to Tangiers and Smith Island by Bill and Linda Lane when I went on my first photography workshop.  Later on after retiring from Nikon I took students of my own to Tangiers for workshops as well.  I am so glad the Lanes introduced me to these great places and the great people who live there.  They are still doing workshops on the island and I strongly recommend you take it.

The only way to get their is  chartering a boat or taking a wonderful ferry ride.  It is a lot less expensive going by Ferry and based on my experiences a lot more relaxing but slower.  If you wanted to get to Smith Island you would also need to take a boat.

Getting to Smith Island

Getting to Tangier Island

I should note that Tangiers does have a small airstrip as well

Below is a video from Bill and Linda Lane’s workshops.

and a video from some of the islands folks.  Great listen

A CNN crew visits the tiny island of Tangier, Virginia, which could be washed off the map within the next two decades. Less than 100 miles from Washington D.C., rising sea level and erosion are placing this island and its 450 residents on the front lines of climate change.

Source: Reporter’s notebook: Visiting the disappearing Tangier Island –

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