Is Fujifilm Holding Out On X-Pro2 Owners?  Oh yeah, you bet they are

Is Fujifilm Holding Out On X-Pro2 Owners?  Oh yeah, you bet they are


While we all applaud Fuji for firmware upgrades unlike anyone else seems to want to deliver, there are issues about the X pro 2 that deserve answers from Fuji and the answers have not been forth coming.  Why does Fuji remain so silent?   Hmmmmm.

Like why can the cheaper Fuji XT20 do 4k Video but the X pro 2 cannot.  Fuji originally said that the XT2 had a heat sink to prevent over heating so it has 4K, but the XT20 does not have a heat sink and it does 4K video. Hmmmmm.

Like how come rubber eyepieces disappear constantly from the viewfinder on the X pro 2?  Why does Fuji simply send replacement eyepieces in the United States but in Europe they replace the entire view finder assembly via a repair that sends the camera back to Fuji? And why hasn’t Fuji  issued a recall for the defective eyepiece assembly? After all it does affect the water seal integrity.  Hmmmmm.

Why does it seem that the QC of the X pro 2 is not as good when compared to the original X pro 1? Hmmmm.

How come the Fuji XT2 had a firmware upgrade that allows the photographer to select Iso from the control wheel but the upgrade did not get passed on to the PROFESSIONAL X PRO 2 which has a lousy way of setting the Iso?    HMMMMM.

Source: Is Fujifilm Holding Out On X-Pro2 Owners?

2 thoughts on “Is Fujifilm Holding Out On X-Pro2 Owners?  Oh yeah, you bet they are

    1. ELLIOT STERN Post author

      If you are located in the USA then Fuji New Jersey will give you new eyepieces and they ask for the serial number of your camera. If you live in Europe, it is my understanding that to get the problem dealt with the camera has to go back to Fuji, I believe to the repair center in London that Fuji has. When I had to get replacements in the states I called Fuji and they never mentioned having to replace the whole eyepiece assembly, but my friend in Europe had to send his camera to Fuji to deal with the problem by replacing the whole eyepiece assembly. Very strange that it would be handled in two different ways but still without any formal announcement from Fuji.



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