Ponder The So So Copy – Why things cost what they cost… | Danny Lenihan | Pulse | LinkedIn

This article while published by one manufacturer is truly about “knock off” products that infringe on the rights of honest manufacturers.  It is an interesting and educational article and worth reading before you buy an “off brand” product that in the long haul may not be up to snuff and may represent working conditions that are illegal and oppressive throughout the world.

In this case it is about an L bracket that 3 Legged Thing company has come out with and their argument on why intellectual property right should be respected by primarily the Chinese.

However, history reminds me, or at least the history I can remember is that the L Bracket concept has been copied by a great many manufacturers in Asia after re engineering the Kirk and Really Right Stuff L brackets and isn’t this a copy of sorts itself of their  intellectual property?

In the last couple of weeks my little brand, 3 Legged Thing, launched a brand new Universal L Bracket – the QR11. For the most part, the response has

Source: Why things cost what they cost… | Danny Lenihan | Pulse | LinkedIn

2 thoughts on “Ponder The So So Copy – Why things cost what they cost… | Danny Lenihan | Pulse | LinkedIn

  1. jlfrankiii

    I simply refuse to buy anything made in China unless I have no other choice at all and really, really need it. Other people are doing this too. But we must all be alert, because China is buying U.S. Companies to front their products. Most recently they have bought a U.S. dog food company. Read the old book “The White Lotus” by John Hersey. You can get a clear view of what life will be like under Chinese domination. (Spoiler alert-it isn’t good)!


    1. ELLIOT STERN Post author

      I agree with sir. If I can possibly avoid it, and I can, I shall not buy anything from China. My camera bodies and my lenses are all made in Japan, the majority of my accessories for my photography are not from China.

      Pet food. I shall never buy food for my babies unless it is manufactured in America of American food products but I would possibly change my mind for that if it was made in Japan. I do not trust the Chinese to produce clean and healthy food products and I do not trust them make photography products that will not fall apart.

      I even had coffee mugs in the house that I had gotten as gifts from places I have lectured and they said made in China. They went right into the garbage. Wow. Listen to me.



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