On1 Photo Raw – A Sad and Final Decision Concerning The Flushing Of Software From Toilet To The Treatment Plant

Making a decision about what camera system and what lenses within that system are going to be my go to image creation tools can be so very difficult because there are just so many incredible gear choices.

The same can be said for software.  There are so many options besides Adobe Lightroom CC and in many cases they are actually better and free of the proprietary library.  There is nothing wrong with Lightroom but it could be faster and finally Adobe has admitted to somehow fixing that but so many other programs have moved ahead with features, filing systems and speed that they for the first time are having to play catch up.

Here is what I have been dabbling in and with:

  • On1 Photo Raw, Mac and Windows
  • Alien Skin x2 Layers, Mac and Windows
  • Luminar for Mac and now Windows
  • Iridient Raw Developer
  • Picktorial 3.0 Mac only

And here is what I have decided are the most stable and creative and yes correct in what they do:

  • Picktorial 3.0
  • Alien Skin x2

And after working with all of these programs here is what I have found:

  • On1 Photo Raw – Very creative program but since the day it was introduced it has been plagued with bugs and up to the date I am writing this blog I still have too many intermittent crashes on three different Mac computers.
  • Luminar – Lots of creative features but does not utilize any system that enables one to see a folder of files all at one time with the ability to cull those files and rate those files.  It takes up to 50 or more seconds to load an image from a 24mp camera and some of the creative options such as noise reduction takes way to long to complete.  So the program is slow not only on my three older machines but also on brand new Macbook Pro 15 inch loaded computers as well.  It is just to turtle slow and maybe overloaded with to much stuff that most people will never need to get a got post processed image.  If anything it has too many options.
  • Iridient – This is an incredible piece of software and the owner of the company has endeavored to produce one of the best processing engines around, but it is pretty basic in what it does but what it does is excellent.  While I own it, I needed a program that was more versatile but for a simple processing system you could not go wrong.

And my winners are:

  • Picktorial 3.0 – This raw processor is very fast, uses the Macintosh system filing system, enables me to see a whole folder of images at one time and allows me to rate them and cull them as needed.  It has all of the global adjustments one needs for processing and has the most accurate colors and file rendering I have ever seen and worked with.  Besides the global adjustments I can use local adjustments with brushes and  gradients for a full range of creative control over the most minute areas and at the same time let you visualize your masks and blending modes including an incredible Luminosity feature and skin retouching feature.  It also has some pretty darn good presets if you are into those.  Sometimes presets just make it easy to have a starting point. This is an inexpensive, highly creative program with the most precise tools I have ever used.
  • Alien Skin X2 is my go to for special creative controls.  It has a tremendous assortment of tools and its film presets are just outstanding.  I can achieve my own personal look and style.

So what has made its way to the digital toilet. 

  • On1 Photo Raw
  • Luminar

5 thoughts on “On1 Photo Raw – A Sad and Final Decision Concerning The Flushing Of Software From Toilet To The Treatment Plant

  1. I’m glad that people like you are trying to do something about the Adobe monopoly, but for me, my paid-for non-subscription copy of Photoshop CS6 continues to work fine.

    1. It always boils down to one thing. Use what works for you until it no longer works for you because it no longer supports you. And for me that is the crux of the matter. I reached a point with Adobe products which served me quite well for many years, no longer worked for me. As a Fuji X system user, I found that Adobe, for what ever the reason could not get the software right for that camera system. It also reached a point that Adobe did not respond to very polite questions most of the time and when they did the answer were more evasive than I wanted to deal with.

      I hope CS6 continues to work for you and others who love it and who do not have to go to the subscription format to get the updates you need in the future for perhaps newer cameras and lenses. An example of this was Lightroom. Wonderful program that came with an Adobe promise that it would not be impacted by the CC concept they came up with. They said they would continue to support the software, provide updates whether it was in CC or not CC. They simply lied.

      Fortunately for the rest of us there are now a multitude of great software in the market place with are faster, smoother, have great on line support, for a lot less money.

      While Adobe said that the Fuji processing was not their faults but the fault of Fuji themselves it was almost believable until companies like Iridient, Alien Skin, Picktorial and others where able to make things perfect with Fuji files as well as all the other files that were out there. So Adobe tried to put the blame on someone else when in reality it was them. Of course Adobe for years has said they did not have a processing speed issue and now they are saying they do and will someday fix that.

      So if it is working for you in the form of CS6 then life is good. I hope it stays that way for you and others but remember that if it stops doing what you want it to do their are many new options.

    1. Yes,and theyvare okay as plug ins but a bit convoluted in the way they get to work on a Mac and I also no longer use Adobe products which work with Topaz. Pretty much anything I would want to do with Topaz products I can do in Alien Skin and Pictorial.

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