What Happens When Your Camera Is The Same As Every Other Camera? An opinion piece!


What Happens When Your Camera Is The Same As Every Other Camera?  An opinion piece

I have used a lot of different camera brands and overall they all produced very nice images.  But the system that I finally wound up with after all my years of shooting with different cameras is the Fuji X system.  If I was to look at images from my current Fuji X camera, the X pro 2, and other camera systems all intermixed in the same folder and dumped into the same software I would have a very hard time knowing what camera produced what images in that folder.

So what does that leave me with?  It leaves me with a mirrorless camera system called “X” which is aesthetically very pleasing to look at and very comfortable to use having all kinds of dials and buttons for doing creative photographic stuff.  But it also leaves me with the feeling that the images that came from the first X cameras like the X100, X10 and X Pro 1 were much more AESTHETICALLY (film like) (smooth) (sort of pastel) pleasing which was why I bought into newer generations of the X brand.  It was not only the Jpeg files which are processed in camera but it was also the raw files.

This does not mean that the images out of the X’s today are not excellent because they are.  It means that a certain quality that Fuji seemed to have master with their first X bodies has been replaced by something that any dSLR can produce.

So that leaves me with the aesthetic look and feel of the body and the prime lenses I use.  And that will have to be enough I guess because at this stage of the game I have to admit that I am not disappointed in the image quality when it comes to resolution and dynamic range which is on a par with other cameras.  But I am disappointed with the overall look of the images from an emotional point of view.

I have to ask how and why this has happened?  I was led to believe that it was the different design of the Fuji sensor that made the difference in color and texture in the images but I guess that turns out not to be the case.

It’s not a deal breaker only because I no longer have the desire to break in a new system that for all practical purposes will give me the same image quality I am currently getting.  But I do miss that aesthetic look of the images from the first early X cameras.

3 thoughts on “What Happens When Your Camera Is The Same As Every Other Camera? An opinion piece!

  1. Thank you very much Elliot, I really apprecaite your kind words.

    The X-Pro1 cannot replace the X-Pro2, the ‘2’ is just far superior on so many levels, no matter how one works with a camera (be it with AF, tracking focus, manual focus, legacy glass) the 2 makes your life easier and faster, whilst offering significantly better IQ and a far superior ergonomic experience

    However, it turns out that the X-Pro1 still has that highly subjective look to its images, that never really looses its charm


  2. I hear ya….


    I have a theory..

    Those first X series cameras were almost certainly designed with very little user input. (As they’d never been to market, didn’t previously exist and no pros were using them)

    Once they landed people were delighted – but also critical, normal enough –

    “I love this about Fuji, but I hate that”

    Because Fuji listens to its customers, subsequent cameras had more and more features and nuances in them to appease the ever growing fan base.

    Fuji’s original concepts were diluted by what people wanted.

    What started off as a very simple camera, has become a very complex one, as the various features that people demanded have been incorporated

    In short – Fuji gave us something different, and “we” demanded that it worked and looked like everyone else’s camera – so now it does


    1. I agree with you Adam and I know as a very strong supporter of Fuji you have your own thoughts on all of this because you took a plunge and re purchased a used X pro 1 to use along side your X pro 2 for some of the same reasons I wrote about on my blog. Your opinion is highly respected by me as it is by others. I just looked at your most recent x pro 1 images. wow.

      And if others are reading along please note that this is Adam’s blog site. It is worth your time to read all of Adam’s fun and well written articles. 🙂



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